Authentic T-Shirt

NEW Lower price! Was $29.99, now only $27.99!

The Authentic shirt is the shirt that started it all. This is the closet thing you can find to the shirt Arnold was wearing the day he won the 1975 Mr. Olympia contest. The shirt is 100% cotton. The letters have a velvet look and feel, just like a shirt straight out of the 70's!

$27.99 + Shipping

Authentic Custom T-Shirt

So you want the same exact shirt Arnold was wearing after Mr. Olympia, but you want your name instead? This is it. This is the shirt you want. It's 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and comes with velvet lettering, just like in the movie.

$29.99 + Shipping

Replica T-Shirt

If the Authentic shirt isn't for you, the Replica is the next best choice. We recreated the Authentic shirt, but with a less-expensive printing technology to help keep the price down. You'll look great in this vintage 70's attire!

$22.99 + Shipping

Muscle Tank Top

This is the tank top version of the ARNOLD IS NUMERO UNO t-shirt. You can stick with the classic 'Arnold,' or you can customize with your own name! Show off those guns and enjoy the summer sun while showing off your love of the Governator.

$23.99 + Shipping

Replica Custom T-shirt

This is just like the classic ARNOLD IS NUMERO UNO shirt, but you can customize it with any name! Remind everyone who's the boss by customizing with your own name. It can also be the perfect gift for the avid bodybuilder in your life. You can get it customized with your friend's name, your mom's name, or even your dog's name!

$25.99 + Shipping